Timberline - Modular Log Home

Looks Like a Cabin, Functions Like a Home

The Timberline is the Taj Mahal of log homes! Sit back and relax into your easy-chair after a long day of work, knowing that you own a top of the line log home!Unlike the Valley View and Sunset Ridge homes, the Timberline has a stairway leading to a second story, large enough to accommodate 2 bedrooms and a roomy loft area. The bird’s eye view of the great room from the 20’ vaulted,interior ceiling will make the Timberline a home the neighbors will envy! The standard option of a shed or a gable roof porch makes this home a sanctuary to create memories that last a lifetime! A broad selection of floor plans that will accommodate up to four bedrooms, two bathrooms, the laundry room, and the spacious, open concept kitchen and living room! Dream away, and we will make the Timberline yours forever!

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